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Home fitness equipment store opens in Fresno
Slavic Tsytsyn has been involved in the fitness equipment business for more than 10 years. And one thing he has learned over the years is that customers want to know how the equipment will look in their homes.

So Tsytsyn gave the customer what they wanted with his new business: Athlete Fitness Equipment. The store, at 6751 N. Blackstone Ave. 105A in Fresno, displays exercise equipment in eight showrooms, much like a furniture store.

"When you see exercise equipment at a store they are always lined up next to each other and you really have no idea what it might look like in a room," Tsytsyn said. "We want to make it easier to chose the right equipment for peoples' homes."

Athlete Fitness Equipment sells the latest in home fitness equipment from three major makers: Precor, Technogym and Hoist. Tsytsyn also sells equipment for children.

To view some of the store's equipment visit their Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/Athletefitnessequipment.